Header image: where and how to complain about your healthcare and your social care services


Healthcomplaints.ie provides information on how to make a complaint or give feedback about health and social care services in Ireland. This website has been developed for people who use health and social care services in Ireland, as well as for their families, care-givers and advocates.

If you have a complaint or comment about your care, healthcomplaints.ie will help you to find the right place to give your feedback.

How to use healthcomplaints.ie

Each of the options on the menu above sets out how to make a particular complaint, for example, where you can complain about a doctor in a private hospital (go to Hospitals > Private hospitals > Doctors in private hospitals), or where you can complain about a hearing service in a Health Service Executive (HSE) health centre (go to Community Based Services > Hearing service > Hearing service – organised by the HSE). Each page includes links to the relevant organisations’ complaints procedures and contact details.

The complaints procedures for specific organisations can also be reached from any page on the website by using the link at the bottom right of each page, Specific complaints procedures.

The links to the right provide information that should help you to make your complaint, for example, case studies, sample letters and a checklist to make sure you have included all the information needed.

About healthcomplaints.ie

Healthcomplaints.ie has been built by a group of organisations chaired by the Office of the Ombudsman. You can find out more about this group in the About Us section of the website. You can also download the booklet, leaflet and poster that go with this website.